Edward D. Smith Center for Learning and Teaching


Our Mission

There are two main purposes of the BYU–Hawaii Center for Learning and Teaching. One is to dramatically improve the learning and teaching that goes on at BYU–Hawaii (as well as sharing our experiences with other CES schools and beyond). The other is to help build a foundation of research findings based on the work of our own students and faculty as well as the work of others. The mission of the Center for Learning and Teaching is:

  1. To improve the quality of deep and transformative student learning at BYU-Hawaii.
  2. To align the culture of learning and instruction at BYU-Hawaii around true principles and practices of learning (apply gospel principles to learning and teaching).
  3. To make significant contributions to the national discussion regarding the crisis of student learning in higher education and effective responses.
  4. To identify and implement new media into innovative pedagogies of learning. To identify and contribute to research on learning.