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Our Mission

Teaching and Learning

The Center for Learning & Teaching's mission is to inspire faculty and adjunct faculty to effectively implement the BYU–Hawaii Learning Framework, develop the English language proficiency of their students, and encourage cross-cultural engagement among all students.


The Center for Learning & Teaching also strives to help faculty gain an “assurance that God has had his hand over this entire valley”[1], that they have a purpose in God’s work here, and inspire them to become positive contributors in the community.


Colloquium on Learning and Teaching

This semester-long course is designed to provide faculty members with an opportunity to explore effective teaching theory and practices. The colloquium has two major components. First, colloquium participants attend a course twice a week throughout the semester. During their time together participants discuss teaching practices that promote principles contained in the Framework for Learning and Teaching and role play these practices. Secondly colloquium participants participate in two forms of classroom observations. CLT members observe colloquium participants in their classroom and provided feedback. In addition, colloquium participants make visits of other faculty.

Due to space limitations the Colloquium on Learning and Teaching is typically limited to second-year faculty members. However, as vacancies come available other faculty members may participate. Faculty members who participate must obtain a three-credit release from their teaching load during the same semester in which they participate. Please contact us if you wish to participate or have other questions.


During their first academic year, new faculty are invited to participate in confab. During these monthly discussion, participants eat together and discuss the foundational principles of BYU-Hawaii. The purpose of these discussion is to give faculty member a deeper insight into what it means to teach at BYU-Hawaii.

La‘ie Tour

Before beginning their first year of teaching, new faculty members participate in a tour of La‘ie. The purpose of this tour is to help faculty gain an “assurance that God has had his hand over this entire valley” by visiting some of the sacred spiritual places in our community and becoming familiar with its people and culture.

Course Design Consultations

Designing a course can be a challenging task and the Center for Learning and Teaching can help you with that process. We can provide help in defining course outcomes, in selecting and designing appropriate assessments and activities. If you are interested in a course design consultation, please contact us.