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Workshop Description

Fall 2023

Sept. 13 - Assessing your (international) students' vocabulary knowledge

 Learning enough discipline specific words is the biggest linguistic barrier to academic study and success for our international students. So, how can you assess whether students have learned key words in your discipline? Come learn some informal, on-the-fly assessment strategies to use during class and more formal strategies to include in your assignments and exams.

Sept. 17 - Using Collaborative Techniques to Assess Understanding

This workshop will look at different collaborative techniques that can be used in the classroom to actively engage students with course material and with each other.

Oct. 11 - Understanding the Writing Difficulties (WDs) of Second Language (L2) Learners

This workshop will focus on how to understand the major WD's of L2 learners and address them in instruction for writing assignments. This in turn will most likely result in receiving improved written assignments and potentially less burdensome assessments.

Oct. 25 - Language and Content Assessment Strategies: Navigating Outcomes, Creating Real-world Tasks, and Justifying the Uses of Assessment Results

By the end of this workshop, learners should be able to apply the following assessment principles in their courses:

  • Establish clear language and content learning outcomes.
  • Create test tasks that sample from real-world or instructional domains.
  • Determine how to assess in a formative and summative manner.
  • Determine what kinds of interpretations need to be made about the language and content of the assessments.
  • Be prepared to justify to key stake holders the decision being made about students based on the assessments.

Nov. 8 - Using Generative AI to Help Create Rubrics