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Edward D. Smith Center for Learning & Teaching


As a hopeful learner, you have confidence in God’s ability and willingness to help you improve. You know that you are not limited in your capacity to learn and have faith that through Him all things are possible. You approach learning with confidence, optimism, and enthusiasm, knowing that all will work together for your good(Heb. 11:1).

Jesus is walking on the water

Prepare: You do not get discouraged when you do not understand the material well because you see your preparation in proper perspective. You seek God’s help, knowing that he will help you succeed.

Engage: You engage with others with enthusiasm and optimism for what you are learning. You believe that interaction with others will help everyone grow and learn.

Improve: You know that the Lord is helping you improve through your experiences. When discouragement comes, you are quick to ask God to bless you with a greater learning capacity.